Saturday, March 1, 2008

Velvet Chocolate Coffee and a Fiddle to Boot

Went out for an evening in Wheeling, WV. We first went to Rick and Sharon's place (some friends of Carolyn and D.R's) and then all went out to dinner at Super Buffet and then on to a great little concert. The concert was held coffee-house-style at Stifle Fine Arts Centre, a huge old mansion converted into a public art gallery and forum for everything from poetry readings to bluegrass to yoga and dance. The guys we saw perform (one of them was Peach, the leader of Big Bill'dup and the Let Downs) were awesome. Some guy named Zeke who is apparently an incredible mandolin player, couldn't come because he had a fever of 104, so yesterday Peach called this guy Greg and asked him to step in. And Greg was kick-ass. I mean really. He played the fiddle, tenor guitar, flute and clarinet, and sang really well too. I had a 50 cent cup of Chocolate velvet flavored coffee and Carolyn got some cookies. I brought my book, Sight Hound, which I am thoroughly enjoying and will most likely finish by tomorrow night.
Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the Antique mall, maybe with Claire Gamble if we can get ahold of her. I'm bringing my camera and hoping to photo-document Barnesville.


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